Kolbergowo – Krempna station: Traditional Subcarpathian Carolling


12-01-2014 / godz. 11.00

miejsce: Krempna (Beskid Niski), Cerkiew Św. Kosmy i Damiana

organizator: Zespół Muzyki Dawnej Vox Angeli

On 12 January 2014 (3 pm) the historical Orthodox church in Krempna, one of the gems of Poland’s wooden architecture, is hosting a session of Traditional Subcarpathian Carolling.

Each participant will receive a carol book and is invited to take part in the singing. The carols have been unearthed by Bartosz Gałązka during his field work across the region of Subcarpathia, or Podcarpacie, and collected in his anthology of Subcarpathian carols in volume one (Podkarpacie I) and two (Podkarpacie II).


Vox Angeli, a traditional music ensemble of the city of Rzeszów

the programme:

Subcarpathian carols of the Podgórze area

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