Kolbergowo – Rzeszów station: Traditional Subcarpathian Carolling


15-01-2014 / godz. 18.30

29-01-2014 / godz. 18.00

01-03-2014 / godz. 14.00

venue: Rzeszów, auditorium of the Dominican friars’ monastery, ul. Dominikańska 15

organizator: Old-Time Music Ensemble Vox Angeli

On 15 January 2014 (6:30pm), the auditorium of the Dominican friars’ monastery in Rzeszów will host a session of Traditional Subcarpathian Carolling.

The carols to be sung were discovered in the towns and villages of Subcarpathia, or Podkarpacie, by Bartosz Gałązka during his field research, and were published in the anthology (volumes 1-3). Together, we will rekindle tradition, getting to know the beautiful repertoire and sharing in carol-singing as a community. Everyone, young and old, is invited.


Old-Time Music Ensemble Vox Angeli, Rzeszów

the programme:

Traditional Christmas carols of the region of Podgórze and Polish-Russian Borderlands

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