Meetings in Oskar Kolberg Museum in Przysucha. "Women in the circle of Oskar Kolberg's friends and associates".


09-03-2014 / godz. 12.00

venue: Przysucha, Oskar Kolberg Museum, Al. Jana Pawła II 11

organizer: Open-Air Museum of Rural Architecture in Radom, Oskar Kolberg Museum in Przysucha

The meeting will be devoted to the women who helped Kolberg during his work on a series of ethnographic and folkloristic monographs "Lud". They accounted for a relatively large group of friends and associates of researcher. They were wives and daughters of landowners, publicists and writers, teachers - educated musically and literary, with a high artistic sensitivity. The lecture will present women Kolberg met in different places and circles (Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, south-eastern borderlands), with whom he befriended and collaborated in subsequent periods of his artistic, research and editorial activities.

Lecturer - Katarzyna Markiewicz

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