A portrait of rural Wielkopolska in wedding photos - miniatura

A portrait of rural Wielkopolska in wedding photos

11 February 2014

On 24 February (3:30 pm) a photo exhibition titled “A Portrait of Rural

Wielkopolska in Wedding Photos” opens in Słubice, western Poland.

The exhibition, comprising of wedding photographs taken in the first half

of the 20th century in the region of Wielkopolska, will be launched by Dr

Krzysztof Wojciechowski, director of Collegium Polonicum. Next, Dr Andrzej

Billert and Hanna Billert will talk about local wedding traditions and on

Oskar Kolberg and his ethnographic research. The event will feature a

performance from the singers of the Country Housewives' Club of the village

of Sobiałkowo, Miejska Górka. The audience will also hear a few words of

introduction from the exhibition’s author, Jan Twardak.

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