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Academic conference

1 December, 2013

On 22-23 May 2014 Poznań, Poland, is hosting the international conference “The work of Oskar Kolberg as national and European heritage”. The event’s patron is Poland’s president, Mr Bronisław Komorowski.

The conference is held by the Oskar Kolberg Institute in Poznań, the Committee on Ethnological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and the Polish Ethnological Society.

The organisers wish to bring attention to Oskar Kolberg as a researcher who fully committed to documenting the folk culture of Poland’s former territories and left behind a body of priceless scientific material amounting today to nearly 90 volumes constituting his Complete works. The conference also aims to highlight Oskar Kolberg’s contribution to the scientific and cultural output of Poland and Europe, as well as to underscore the significance of the source materials he collected as they play an extremely important role from the perspective of Poland’s national heritage and the strengthening of regional and local identities.

You may submit proposed papers and presentations to be given at the conference, focusing, among other issues, on the topics below:

  • Oskar Kolberg’s life and contacts with representatives of the academia and the world of culture; his contemporaries’ perception of him and his achievements;
  • Oskar Kolberg as a documentalist and field researcher (the object and organisation of research; methods of documenting verbal and musical folklore; ethnographic documentation; iconographic documentation; political and social context of the research; collaborators; printed materials and manuscripts used);
  • Oskar Kolberg as the author of the Lud (The People) series (the shaping of the research programme, problems related to regionalisation, editing of collected materials, methods used, narration, scientific value of the work and its impact on culture’s development);
  • Cultures of other Slavic and European peoples in Kolberg’s works;
  • Oskar Kolberg as a composer, theoretician of music and music critic;
  • Oskar Kolberg’s legacy, its history, significance, evaluation and reception in Poland’s and other European nations’ science and culture;
  • Kolberg’s role in and contribution to the development of ethnology and folkloristics;
  • Editing of the Kolberg materials, publications of the Complete Works
  • The Kolberg materials as scientific resources, priceless records of old-time folk culture and an element of national heritage benefiting today’s regional and local communities;
  • Oskar Kolberg and his achievements in public memory.

To take part in the conference, please register by submitting the registration form available on www along with the proposed topic of your paper or presentation and its abstract by the end of December 2013 to the Kolberg Institute in Poznań via e-mail to

or by post to the following address:

Instytut im. Oskara Kolberga

ul. Kantaka 4

61-812 Poznań

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