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Concert in tribute to Oskar Kolberg | Replica of a 1889 event

22 May 2015

Kraków's Celestat (ul. Lubicz 16) will witness an extraordinary event on Sunday, 31 May 2015 as the Institute of Music and Dance and the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków are holding a concert in tribute to Oskar Kolberg mirroring an event that took place exactly on the same day and in the same place in 1889.

The organisers have gone to great lengths to copy the 19th concert, which gathered delegates of academic and artistic institutions and associations, along with professors, artists, and journalists from Kraków, Lviv, and Warsaw who all came to celebrate Oskar Kolber's 50 years of ethnographic work. The replica concert comes three days before the 125th anniversary of Kolberg's death on 3 June.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

The programme contains the very same pieces that were performed over a century ago at Celestat: Chopin, Żeleński, Moniuszko, Kolberg, folk songs, and a poem by Adam Asnyk. Among the performers are artists connected with Cracow Music Academy, the Lutnia Male Choir, actress Ligia Bogaczówna, and even the Polish Army Orchestra in Kraków as the 1889 concert featured the Orchestra of the 13th Regiment under Władysław Żeleński.

The event will culminate – just like 126 years also – with a fireworks show.

Admission to the consort is free. As the audience of the 1889 concert did pay for their tickets, we will be raising funds for the Home of Senior Musician instead.