Crossroads Festival Kraków 2014: direction: SOUTH  - miniatura

Crossroads Festival Kraków 2014: direction: SOUTH

14 July 2014

The 16th Crossroads Festival Kraków: direction: SOUTH started has just set off in Kraków, Poland. It will last until 20 July.

Crossroads 2014 welcomes an assortment of exquisite African ethno and world music bands and artists drawing on Mediterranean musical traditions. The festival’s programme reflects a wide cultural spectrum and offers a glimpse of different artistic forms: from the raw-sounding traditional African music to sophisticated creations of ethno jazz musicians.

The festival will also highlight unique qualities of Polish traditional music. The concerts “Kolberg: Roots Music”, “Kolberg: Inspirations” and “Night of Dance” will gather well-renowned folk artists (Maria Siwiec, Maria Pęzik, Piotr Gaca, Jan Kmita, Kapela Lipców) along with representatives of the “new wave” in Polish traditional music (Janusz Prusinowski Trio, Tęgie Chłopy, Kapela Niwińskich).

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