Etnofioły - miniatura


27 January, 2014

Etnofioły, or Ethnofreaks in loose translation, a Facebook page offering a wealth of fascinating ethnographic facts and trivia has just been launched as part of a campaign promoting Oskar Kolberg and his accomplishments, called “Oskar Kolberg jest OK” (Oskar Kolberg is OK).

The project aims to popularise information about Polish folklore among young people by means of brief, engaging and funny excerpts from Kolberg’s (and other author’s) writings. The page is entertaining in character, as its authors believe that this is the only way to reach the young generation, who are –potentially – uninterested in ethnology and ethnography. The internet and the preferences of today’s young people require that we choose untypical communication formats, and this is what underlies the project’s form, rather unusual but appealing to younger audiences, explain the authors of Etnofioły.

More info on Facebook.

The programme "Oskar Kolberg jest OK" is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the programme “Kolberg 2014 - Promesa”, implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw.