Happy New Year! - miniatura

Happy New Year!

31 December 2014

The Kolberg Year is nearing its finale. We have proved that folk culture is still alive and kicking, can grip people's imagination, and is profoundly authentic. We wish you many reasons for joy in the New Year 2015!

Saint Sylvester's, or Lasota's, falls on the last day of the year. Many households follow the German custom of celebrating it with feasting, awaiting midnight with a numerous party to mark the arrival of the new year with word and drink.

(…) New year's eve and its first day, being a joyful reminiscence of the year past and a harbinger of a happy year to come, are a time for offering wishes of prosperity and family gifts.

(Oskar Kolberg)

Happy New Year!

The Team

of the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw