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Kolberg Year Celebrations Office ceases operations

19 June 2015

Although the Kolberg Year formally ended a few months ago, our Office continued to work, finalising the project, collecting the information that was still being sent in, and, above all, cherishing the fruits of the Kolberg Year, that is all the recordings, books, magazines, websites, photographs, multimedia, etc. that the project brought about. Here, we would like to thank the contributors from the bottoms of our hearts!

Many people and institutions carried out hundreds of projects aimed at reminding Poles who Oskar Kolberg had been and rediscovering his academic and artistic output. There are also many modern-day Kolbergs who study and preserve traditional culture for future generations. We have all proved that folk heritage is alive and kicking, interesting and genuine.

On behalf of the Kolberg Year Celebrations Office, we would like to thank everybody for their involvement in the jubilee throughout the year 2014 and in the last few months. Many of the projects launched last year will be continued, also within the Institute. The website will remain in its place as a proof of the great effort undertaken by the entire community. Hopefully, it becomes a great chronicle of the things we achieved.

WE hope that the ideas forwarded by Kolberg will bring us again together in the future.

The team of the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw