Kolbergowo - Przeworsk station - Carolling with Kolberg  - miniatura

Kolbergowo - Przeworsk station - Carolling with Kolberg

27 January, 2014

On 2 February 2014 (1:15 pm) Saint Barbara’s Church in Przeworsk (Benedictine Monastery) is hosting another concert of Christmas carols in the Kolbergowo series commemorating Oskar Kolberg.

The carols have been unearthed by Bartosz Gałązka during his field work across the region of Subcarpathia, or Podkarpacie, and collected in his anthology of Subcarpathian carols in volume one (Podkarpacie I) and two (Podkarpacie II). The concert will be a chance to revive local traditions, get to know beautiful Christmas repertoire, and sing carols with your community. Everybody, regardless of age, is invited.

The programme will feature carols of the Subcarpathian area of Podgórze, collected by Bartosz Gałązka, along with carols discovered by Oskar Kolberg across Poland, all performed by Vox Angeli, a traditional music ensemble of the city of Rzeszów.

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