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Logotype of the Kolberg Year chosen!

9 November, 2013

Wojciech Janicki’s work was chosen as the official logotype of the Kolberg Year 2014 succeeding over more than two hundred designs submitted to the competition. The use of the logotype is subject to consent of the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw.

The competition, launched in September 2013, gathered 214 submissions, 201 of which were found eligible. The competition was open and secret. Winners were selected by a jury consisting of Professor Ewa Dahlig-Turek – chairwoman (Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences), Professor Władysław Pluta (Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków), Dr Zenon Butkiewicz (Ministry of Culture and National Heritage).

List of winners:

First Prize - Wojciech Janicki, Poznań (PLN 10.000)

Second Prize - Paulina Kosma, Szczyrk (PLN 5.000)

Third Prize - Bartłomiej Nowosielski, Gorzów Wielkopolski (PLN 2.000)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who had submitted their works!

You may download the logotype together with its manual as of 1 December 2013 from the website of the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw.

The competition aimed to select the most original graphic design to serve as the logotype of the Kolberg Year and being unambiguously linked to Oskar Kolberg’s life, work and achievements.

The competition comes in the build-up to the bicentenary celebrations of the legacy of Oskar Kolberg – a folklorist, ethnographer, musician, composer, researcher and documentalist, who was a watchful observer of everyday life and author of a monumental, more than 30-volume work titled "Lud. Jego zwyczaje, sposób życia, mowa, podania, przysłowia, obrzędy, gusła, zabawy, pieśni, muzyka i tańce", which translates as “The people, their customs, way of life, speech, legends, proverbs, rites, pagan ceremonies, games, songs, music and dances”.

The competition was held by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, acting as the Kolberg Year Celebrations Office.