Oskar Kolberg on Polona    - miniatura

Oskar Kolberg on Polona

18 March 2014

It’s the Kolberg Year, so let’s read Kolberg!

The National Library’s website polona.pl offers a selection of musical prints documenting the work of Oscar Kolberg, including his opera “Król pasterzy” (King of the Shepherds), along with his multivolume ethnographic magnum opus “Lud. Jego zwyczaje, sposób życia, mowa, podania, przysłowia, obrzędy, gusła, zabawy, pieśni, muzyka i tańce” (The people, their customs, way of life, speech, legends, proverbs, rites, pagan ceremonies, games, songs, music and dances), and the already published volumes of his “Complete Works”.

Polona is an advanced resource offering access to digitalised collections of the National Library in Warsaw. Thanks to this tool, these invaluable archives are now generally accessible to readers.

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