Piotr Gan, the Kolberg of Kielce - miniatura

Piotr Gan, the Kolberg of Kielce

29 August 2014

The Open-Air Museum of Rural Architecture in Kielce has just launched a website devoted to Piotr Gan, prominent researcher of the folk music of the Kielce region.

Visit www.piotrgan.pl to listen to Piotr Gan's archive radio programmes about folk culture, recorded in the 1960s and 70s, as well as contemporary pieces by Bronisław Opałko.

The website's launch coincides with the release of an album called "Piotr Gan – Kolberg Kielecczyzny" (Piotr Gan, the Kolberg of Kielce).

The project marks the Kolberg Year 2014.