Polish Radio’s concert of folk music by Stanisław Klejnas - miniatura

Polish Radio’s concert of folk music by Stanisław Klejnas

22 January 2014

On Sunday, 26 January (4 pm) the Polish Radio is holding a concert to commemorate Stanisław Klejnas (1905-1988), a folk violinist and storyteller of the village of Raducz. Held at the Władysław Szpilman Studio of the Polish Radio in Warsaw, the concert will also be an occasion to promote the album "Stanisław Klejnas z Raducza” (Stanisław Klejnas of Raducz), released as part of the Polish Radio series Muzyka Źródeł (Music of the Origins).

The concert will be broadcast by Polish Radio 2 on the station’s regular programme “Muzyczna Scena Tradycji” (Traditional Music Stage). Among the programme’s guests will be Anna Borucka-Szotkowska and Professor Piotr Dahlig.

You may also watch the event live via Polish Radio 2’s website.

The concert will feature artists known for successful reconstructions of Klejnas’ repertoire: the Raducz group lead by Piotr Kaznowski, winners of the 2013 Nowa Tradycja (New Tradition) folk festival of the Polish Radio, and Gęsty Kożuch Kurzu, who won the Baszta award for the best performer of reconstructed folk music at the 2012 Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny.

After the concert, Warsaw’s club Solec 44 is holding a Klejnas-inspired knees-up – “Experience Klejnas”.

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