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Protection of Oskar Kolberg's musical legacy

11 March 2015

The Oskar Kolberg Institute in association with the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw (IMiT) has digitalised Oskar Kolberg's surviving works of music. On you will find PDF files containing scores, instrumental parts, and piano reductions of Kolberg's two operas "The King of Shepherds" and "The Scene in the Inn".

Also featured are five fragments of Kolberg's third opera, "The Pilgrimage to Częstochowa", along with extensive sketches by the composer and the full libretto edited by Kolberg. The website also contains Kolberg's piano works (104) and songs for voice and piano (26).

To digitalise the surviving operas it was necessary to use a music notation editor. The piano pieces and songs were scanned from "The Complete Works of Oskar Kolberg".

On you may also listen to recordings of Kolberg's works released in 2013 and 2014, including live performances of two operas (in Kraków and Poznań) recorded by IMiT and CDs of songs and piano pieces released by DUX.

The website is also where you may find a freshly devised catalogue of Kolberg's all works of music.