The Bell’s Heart 2014 calendar - miniatura

The Bell’s Heart 2014 calendar

30 December, 2013

We are proud to present “The Bell’s Heart 2014”, a very special calendar featuring Piotr Baczewski’s photography.

You may download it for free in a ready-to-print pdf format (36 x 32 cm) from

THE BELL’S HEART is a multilayered project at the core of which lie traditional music-making practices, which were once the central integrating element for rural communities. The Bell’s Heart is an educational project launched by the Tratwa Association, which in 2009-2011 brought together young city-dwellers, tradition bearers and members of rural communities of the region of Southern Mazovia, all sharing a passion for music. There were workshops and hard work under the watchful eye of country singers and instrumentalists, an occasional knees-up in a village fire station, singing of old-time sacral songs at roadside shrines, and some revelry to mark the end of carnival. The lasting effect of the project have been Country Dance Clubs operating in a few of the region’s villages, the blossoming passion of numerous students learning the ropes from local tradition bearers, and many other, often surprising, initiatives, such as The Bell’s Heart calendar.

Photography by Piotr Baczewski

Graphic design: Adam Gut

The production of the calendar was supported with a scholarship awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.