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The Kolberg Year – And What's Next?

6 November 2014

The Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw together with the Forum of Traditional Music is holding a conference titled "The Kolberg Year – And What's Net?" on 26 and 27 November 2014 in Radziejowice.

We feel that the Kolberg Year has released a lot of potential for country and city music-making inspired by direct contacts with tradition bearers. It is also becoming clear that the time has come to take up new challenges and address a set of diverse needs.

The meeting will focus on some of the initiatives taken in the Kolberg Year, and an interdisciplinary discussions aimed to work out a strategy for reinvigorating traditional music culture so that it functions better today and tomorrow. The key issue to discuss will be the presence of traditional music in the life of today's society – in education, media, and other areas. The conference welcomes delegates from different communities: culture promoters, researchers, academics, school and university teachers, educators, artists, journalists, representatives of state institutions, and NGOs.

To take part in the conference, please register on by 21 November 2014. As organisers we will provide you with a set of conference materials and cover the cost of accommodation on 26–27 November in Radziejowice. When registering, you may also order meals, yet their cost must be covered by the participants, the same as travel costs. There will be a special return bus traveling from Warsaw to Radziejowice that you may use.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the conference and working together to make the world of Polish traditional music richer and more robust.

Andrzej Kosowski

Director of the Institute of Music and Dance

Janusz Prusinowski

Charman of the Forum of Traditional Music