The Kolberg Year at the Warsaw Book Fair  - miniatura

The Kolberg Year at the Warsaw Book Fair

23 May 2014

This year’s Warsaw Book Fair is taking place at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The Kolberg Year 2014 is also present. Come and visit our stand! The fair will last until Sunday, 25 May 2014.

The Kolberg Year stand offers a display of a range of publications, including two new book arrivals: a biography titled “Oskar Kolberg 1814-1890” and “Aż tu nagle… Bajki ze zbiorów Oskara Kolberga” (And Suddenly … Fairy Tales Collected by Oskar Kolberg), as well as the richly illustrated “Oskar Kolberg (1814–1890)” and “Dzieła Wszystkie Oskara Kolberga” (The Complete Works of Oskar Kolberg).

On Sunday, 25 May, at 4pm, acclaimed actress Joanna Szczepkowska is going to read selected fairy tales from the collection to the public accompanied by the Kaja and Janusz Prusinowski band. The biography and the fairy tale collection will be on sale on the stand of Media Rodzina, the books’ distributor, and soon also on the website

Visiting the Kolberg Year stand, you will also have a chance to see the exhibition “Oskar Kolberg (1814-1890): Composer, Folklorist, Ethnographer", which showcases Oskar Kolberg’s main achievements in art and research. The exhibition was produced by the Open-Air Museum of Rural Architecture in Radom in association with the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, and is a strategic event of the Kolberg Year celebrations. Text and illustrations: Katarzyna Markiewicz; graphic design: Zdzisław Słomski.

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